Mint Rice (Pudina Bhat)

Mint Rice

If you are a Mint lover like me, then this recipe is just for you. And most importantly I am sharing my lazy version of preparation, as sometimes I don’t like to make a paste or cutting or chopping process, at that time this kind off recipe works as a saviour for me. Hope it will works for you as well. So just go through the details to know more about the recipe.

Ingredients :

  • Cooked Basmati Rice – 1 cup
  • Mint leaves – 1 cup
  • Onion – 2 tbsp chopped
  • Cashew nut – 8 to 10
  • Green peas – a handful
  • Green chilies – 1 chopped (i use red)
  • Salt as per taste
  • Oil for cooking (i use olive oil)

Procedure :

1. Heat a pan with 1 tbsp of oil, then add the cashew nut, fry it lightly. Next add the chopped onion and green peas. Cook it for 2 minutes.

2. Add the mint leaves and green chili, mix well. Now add the cooked rice and season with salt.

3. Mix gently and then turn off the heat. Put it a standing time for another 5 minutes and then serve hot.



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