Milk and Mango (Aam Dudh)


Today I am sharing a very easy to make dessert yet full of flavors. These two combination that means Mango and Milk will never go wrong whatever you trying to make. So here I am sharing my variation.

Ingredients :

  • Milk – 1 litter
  • Condence milk – 200 gm
  • Ripe Mangoes – 2 nos
  • Salt – a small pinch
  • Pistachios – a few for garnish

Procedure :

1. Take a deep bottom pan and heat the milk. When the milk starts boiling seamer the heat, cook the milk till it reduces to half in quantity.

2. Add the condense milk and mix well. Put the pinch of salt, then turn off the heat. The consistency should be pouring not to thick nor thin.

3. Bring this mixture into room temperature. Chopped the mangos in small cubes and add it to this reduced milk. Now Chill it in refrigerator  for 2 to 3 hours.

4. Serve chilled with some chopped pistachios.

Tips : If you like, you can add sugar as per your taste and your favorite nuts also like almond, cashew etc.



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